Barrelhouse currently reading for Issue #2

Mike Ingram, current 'shopper and editor at Barrelhouse, alerts Goats and Babies that the magazine is looking for submissions for Issue #2, which should appear by the end of this summer. You may recall TLB's alerting us to this new journal's birth last month.

"We're especially on the lookout for nonfiction that touches, in some way or another, on pop culture, whether that be movies or television or music or spelling bees or professional aerobics. One of the reasons we started the journal was to give writers a space in which to explore their pop-culture obsessions. In Issue #1, we published essays on punk rock, Magnum P.I., and the state of the movie-making industry."

Does that not sound like fun? More submission guidelines on the site.

Also: "We're always reading for the web site. Same basic rules, but shorter. About 1,500 words or less." And: "We're hoping to be able to pay contributors to Issue #2, but there's no guarantee (and in any case it won't be a whole lot). We will, however, buy beers for contributors, and last time I made everyone a [censored to protect the guilty -ed.]. We also provide contributor copies, of course."


MSF said...

hmmm...i sent in a story back in october and never heard back...asked for confirmation in april and never heard back...kind of assumed they weren't really looking, but maybe they're just working on their form rejections. ;-)

Grendel said...

MSF, Mike doesn't have a Blogger ID, but he asked me to pass this along: "It's definitely disheartening to hear. And I'd like
to think it's an aberration; I think we're usually very good and very
timely about getting back to people. But there's been some growing
pains as the four of us have tried to figure out how to play editors,
and how to divide up the reading load. I think we now have a good
system, so hopefully stuff like this won't happen again in the future."