Robert in Paperback, Robert in the NYT Book Review (again)

Our Robert has a nice little note in Sunday's "Paperback Row" section of the Times Book Review. For those of you too broke to purchase "Rosenberg's vibrant first novel" in hardcover, you now have a paperback option (the lovely Mariner). Robert, you get the coolest covers. We should all hope for such funky, colorful covers.


Grendel said...

I can only hope he'll sign this one, too. Here's the link for Paperback Row.

Confucius said...

Thank you Kclou! A mention in the NYTBR is cool, and good for the book. The attention on Earth Goat...priceless! I'd be happy to sign, though I've come to feel this actually devalues your copy of the book. A high school friend kindly pointed out that Mariner's taken my photo OFF the paperback, presumably to help sales.

Anyone interested in the issue of wife-stealing in Central Asia, which is explored in the book, can check out a fascinating NYT article Grendel kindly forwarded to me at:


TLB said...

I saw the paperback in my hometown Borders...looked like they'd sold off most of the copies too.

I made sure they were prominently displayed before I left.