Austin Wild Party 2006!!!

It's almost time! Come rock the casbah at the AWP conference in Austin TX. It's March 8-12, and beyond the plethora of poets and fiction writers from across the land, early headliners include Walter Mosley, the uber-tag team of Robert Boswell and Mrs. Boswell/Antonya Nelson, Kevin Clouther, Dagoberto Gilb, Hugh Ferrer, Chita Divakaruni, Tim O'Brien, Sarah Rogers, Denis Johnson, and your own El Gordo de Amore. An all-star group of Baby and Goat mafia assassins will discuss, fittingly, The Death of the American Novel, after which they will adjourn once, twice, and yes, three times!!! to warm desert nights brightened by Texan tequila concoctions and an epic throw-down set to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" against the MFA kids at both Texas State and UTexas (with El Gordo slaying on the axe!!!).

Register now and prepare to kick literary butt, mafia-ninja-style! We'll be hitting the mattresses at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown (1800THEOMNI, mention conference for cheap rate), so bring your pens and Thompson guns.

Shareef he do like it!


Grendel said...

Damn, that sounds like fun. I'm regretting not jumping on the bandwagon when you proposed this. I hope one of you takes pictures, preferably of El Gordo in a cowboy hat, diaper, and pink boots, singing to an uncomfortable crowd.

And thanks for the timesaver -- if the American Novel is Dead, I can find other ways to fill my days. What are you planning on saying about this provocative assertion of yours?

dunkeys said...

Oh, we're not really saying the American novel is dead; the post I put up is a little exaggerated. Our panel title is actually "Is the American Novel Dead?" We're looking at literary portrayals of The Land of the Free & how they've seemed to trend in more negative directions as the US has aged.

More details at the conference, G -- you can still go!

professorX2 said...

Does anyone really get excited about this? I was invited. Doesn't seem like much fun (save for the panel on "the importance of contests" composed of contest cheaters). What if I don't have anything to gain, careerwise, by going. You guys still recommend it?