Buy blue

If you haven't found Buy Blue, check it out next time you're thinking about holiday shopping. It keeps a database on which companies are naughty, which are nice. Just go to the site and type in a company name.

For example, if you're thinking of buying books, I noticed that Powell's gives 100% of its political contributions to Democrats, and Barnes and Noble gives 92% to Democrats. Amazon, which made the Buy Blue naughty list last year for giving 61% of its contributions to Republicans, has lately turned that around (58% to Democrats, via the Open Secrets Web site).

Apple and Gateway lean donkey, whereas Dell and HP have noticeable trunks.

Some others that lifted my eyelids:

Wendy's: 94% Republican
Burger King: 70% Republican
Arby's: 62% Democrat
McDonald's: 95% Republican
British Petroleum: 62% Republican
Chevron: 89% Republican
Exxon: 95% Republican
Anheuser Busch: 64% Republican

And if it's between Jack Daniels and Canadian Club for your Diet Coke, you'll want the Jack.


Pete said...

Two Questions:

1) Is an Arby's roast beef sandwich an acceptable christmas gift?

2) Where does the Crow rank for whiskey?

Grendel said...

1. That is what I'm giving my mother. Actually, by the time I started playing around with the site, I'd forgotten the X-mas theme.

2. Old Crow is made by Jim Beam, which appears to spolit its money. It has a PAC, if you can believe it, that appears to lean Dem.

SER said...

That is surprising - I would think Jim Beam would lean Republican. I base this on personal knowledge that drinking the stuff makes one belligerent, bellicose, and immune to reasoned argument.