Barbara Boxer, novelist

I have not read this, and I doubt I will. It's just not my kind of book. But add this to Scooter Libby's novel (being hastily reprinted), and we have the makings of a trend, perhaps? Famous people become politicians because of name recognition, and now politicians become writers for the same reason? I keep seeing Newt Gingrich's alternative Civil War History novel at The Book End, too (Lee surrenders two years earlier). Both Boxer and Gingrich used "co-authors" -- at least Libby apparently did it on his own.

I suppose I'm mostly jealous and bitter.

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Trevor Jackson said...

It's the co-author thing that gets me. It doesn't matter if you're Tom Clancy or Jesse Ventura or Nicole Richie. You want to publish a book, write it your damnself. There's one area Libby's not dishonest and manipulative.