More Fall Events

This from the Workshop web site:

Reading Schedule - FALL 2006

Tuesday, September 12
Zadie Smith (interviewed by Robert Hass) Fiction
7:30 p.m. Englert Theater
(University Lecture Committee)

Thursday, September 21
T. C. Boyle Fiction
7:30 p.m. 2nd Floor Ballroom, IMU
(UI Center for Human Rights)

And a bunch of other people coming this fall, including Nell Freudenberger, Denis Johnson, Michael Chabon, Heidi Julavits, Jane Hamilton, Francine Prose, and Frank McCourt, among many others. (Maybe I'll be able to revist our 'oh, shit' punctuation conversation from August 2003!)


Trevor Jackson said...

Thanks for picking up my slack, TLB! In my defense, I knew they were coming but I assumed it was later in the semester since the UI's main page didn't have them scheduled yet. I'll be sure to check the Workshop page for next month's. Weird that they're not on the main calendar . . .

TLB said...

Well, next time I expect you to be more on top of things, Trevor [voice dripping sarcasm]. Over and out.