Things are gonna change, I can feel it ...

I won a record from CultureBully! And, as part of my prize, I did say I would tell all my friends (and lurkers, trolls, harpies, enemies, haters, playa-haters, hater-haters, hippies, dippies, voicers of the oppressed, fondlers of the repressed, etc. and so forth).

This is the first thing I've won since the church Easter Egg Hunt when I was 7 -- no joke -- it was a special egg with a ticket for an enormous chocolate bunny. I can actually still visualize swiping the egg mere inches away from my elementary school crush's hand (Britta -- I showed my ardor by throwing pine cones at her whenever possible -- it didn't work as well as one would think -- but I did give her the bunny's head. She graduated high school a year early and married some college dude -- sigh).

So, there it is --

All Hail CultureBully!


Trevor Jackson said...

Congrats. And congrats on not marrying someone named after a water purifier.

the plunge said...

I believe I speak for your angry public when I say we are angry that there's been no new installment of the Ruskin adventures.

If something doesn't change, Rome will burn.