Does Nate have a new Gig at a Mortgage Company?

In my spam box today was an offer for a new mortgage -- at low! low!! rates!!! for $420,000 -- which is pretty normal. But then, at the bottom of the message was this:

"clockwatcher a icky see chilean on moisten may harm ! succeed may petersen in cellophane may panhandle some galactose it's cartesian in ready ! astigmatic try acumen try blurry it dealt ! student , chive not venice try samba on courtesy in mother but mali in eerily may aliquot the continue it monument or corporeal , diego and sycamore , healy in archaism , hibbard and moraine or omnibus be barbour , fatima ! woman but billow ! reverie may xerox may thoroughbred ! larch some ore ! norman Naw"

Is this some Dadaist wordplay? Poetry subversives? Poor English translation? I'm thinking of sending it off to some journals.


chad said...

I'd maybe revise out some of the excalaimation points, add the names of some politicains or other notbale figures, and wait for the job offers to start rolling in.

"omnibus DE barbour" is, I believe, french so I too suspect Nate is behind this.

Jane said...

Somehow it's supposed to scoot spam past the filters. I guess if you add enough other words arond "herbal viagra" and "mortgage" the filters won't pick them up.

A friend of mine from the rhetoric department used to regularly chop this stuff up into fabulous poetry.