It's No Friar's Club...But Bush Got Roasted

The LA Times has a pretty nifty story about Coretta Scott King's funeral service, which several speakers turned into a Bush-bashing Ballyhoo. I suppose I'd find it a little distasteful that so many people used the funeral as an opportunity to pontificate and politicize, rather than remember, but for three things:

1. C'mon, it's Bush-bashing.
2. It's the first time that African-American civil rights leaders have been able to share space with the president who refuses to meet with them.
3. And ex-Prez-extraordinaire Carter got in some good zingers, and I find it impossible to say anything bad about him anymore.


Grendel said...

Apparently Don Imus trashed the Bush-bashing on his radio show, probably heralding a Republican noise backlash, a la the Paul Wellstone funeral. Isn't it funny how Republicans love to lecture people on how to conduct funerals for their loved ones? Why in the world would they think they know better than the King family how Coretta Scott King would want her life celebrated? Her whole life was activism -- why should her funeral be any different?

Pete said...

Some of the rightwingers are sick of pretending.