PEN/Faulkner Announced

Doctorow won the PEN/Faulkner. Probably, he was the favorite. Interesting shortlist: William Henry Lewis, Karen Fisher, Bruce Wagner, and James Salter (Frank would be pleased). Anyone read any of these books? Were any of them awesome? Pleased me that two story collections were finalists.


ian said...

The title story of the Salter collection was published during the semester I was in Frank's workshop, and I remember how breathlessly he extolled its virtues to us one class. I remember being honestly shocked by the title story's "twist," but I can't remember what, if any, other reaction I had.

That's all. Doesn't really answer your question, kclou, but it's one of my more vivid Frank memories.

TLB said...

I read the Karen Fisher. I was surprised to see her nominated. The book wasn't bad at all, just not PEN/Faulkner's usual choice, I would think: a love story set on the Oregon trail. The book was dense and atmospheric, though, and you know I love that.

PJKM said...

The Salter collection is fantastic - short, sharp, often explicit stories. The title story, "Last Night," (that Ian mentions) was in the New Yorker; "Such Fun" was the story Salter read when he visited Iowa.

I wish I had written this book.