Cognitive dissonance

I saw this headline when I came into work this afternoon: Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring. Hello, cognitive dissonance! I can't get over it. What a fucking idiot. I mean, COME ON. I hope he resigns immediately so that elected Democrats don't look as hypocritical as elected Republicans do. (Also, Eliot Spitzer's wife is hot and smart. What the fuck?)

I don't know if you guys are like this, but every so often, I imagine running for something. Like water commissioner. And then I think back upon my really rather benign past and decide that if I were to run for office, the press would dig up a damning photo of me, like the time I went as a uterus to a Halloween party in college. Or any number of drunken photos. Or snippy emails I sent before I realized that email lacks the nuance required for difficult interpersonal situations.

My point is that don't you think that if you're in public office you might want to, I don't know, eliminate your illegal activities? Especially when you MUST be in the sights of all the huge financial-services firms you (rightly) forced into changing their underhanded ways?


cj said...

What an unbelievable chump!

Grendel said...

Unbelievable chump indeed. The stunning hypocrisy is what gets me. Of course, lying to his hot wife is bad, but as a member of the public I'm more interested in his lying to them. Here's a guy who made such bluster of being Mr. Clean and even prosecuting prostitution rings as attorney general. I think prostitution should be legal, by the way. He should have just come here. He could have stayed in our guest room.

Brando said...

I can't believe someone in public office would pull this kind of stunt. How could he expect to not get caught? Hey, you've made hundred of enemies going after powerful special interests...why not leave a trail of dollar bills and used contraceptives leading to a house of ill repute?

I'm also amazed at the political wives who stand at the podium during the apology. For once I'd love to see one of these guys show up with two black eyes and the missus off to Vegas with the pool boy.