Turdblossom dissed in the IC yesterday

From the Daily Iowan:
Boos exuberantly punctuated the UI Lecture Committee's introduction and dozens in the audience stood, turning their backs when President Bush's former deputy chief of staff and top aide took the stage. A woman charged up an aisle, her hands shaking, as she called for Rove to be arrested. And in a row near the front, a veteran told a different 84-year-old veteran to "F--- off" when he asked him to stop shouting.
Did any of you go to this? Very unusual rudeness shown by IC citizens. But then Mr. Rove was an unusual deputy chief of staff.


Vampiro said...

Last September, I was in San Antonio for my brother-in-law's wedding. He's a late-twenties punk-rock kid, working low-end retail, playing little shows, home recording albums, and so on. He and his friends have always struck me as utterly unpolitical. I wasn't aware they were aware of politics, really.

Yet, when my b-in-law & new bride, going from wedding to reception, saw Karl Rove going from limo to a hotel lobby, they and their friends (in wedding getup) chased and jeered and called him all manner of foul names. I wish I'd been there. He is a rare kind of unambiguous evil, isn't he?

SER said...

I forgot to go to it (it had been rescheduled from an earlier date on which there had been a snowstorm, per usual), but I listened to coverage of it on the radio this morning, including clips from the speech.

And, you know, I totally hate Karl Rove. Like, really really hate him. It would be hard for me to decide whom I hated more - him or Cheney - but that's neither here nor there. I was nevertheless irritated by all the people catcalling, interrupting the speech, etc. That's Bill O'Reilly's America. Progressives should be able to observe and ask relevant questions and, okay, maybe involuntarily snort in digust over some of the crap Rove tries to pull. Instead, the audience sounded as if it were watching a sporting event and the audience members were hooligans. It only makes Karl Rove look BETTER than he is, since he's itching for a fight and knows how to battle.