The Commish

Anybody else catch Bush in the box last night during the Nationals/Braves opener? The poignant truth hit me hard in the gut: he should have just been MLB commissioner. He seemed to feel it too; staying longer than he needed to and speaking wistfully, casually. Really, he was more likable than he's been ever since, you know, he got into the business of demeaning our democracy.

I read too much into it, I know. But seeing him from this angle-- not a new one, an old one--I felt empathy for the guy. He talked about his first game at the Polo Grounds, about eating hot dogs at Arlington with the family. Morgan asked him if he might consider buying a team again. "I think I'll just be a fan," the president replied.

His first pitch was about 7 feet above the plate. Wide to boot. Throughout his appearance, the president was playful but insistent: he had thrown a strike.


kclou said...

I thought exactly the same thing. He was kind of likable. And he stayed a while.

Grendel said...

I would like to see this, but can't find it on YouTube. Can anyone else find video? I would like to heal my hate if possible.

Trevor Jackson said...

Here you go, Grendel.

It's not as cathartic as you might think.

Grendel said...

He's certainly a better pitcher than Obama is a bowler. But i was talking about the commentary Bush was giving, in the box... was that broadcast? Is there video of that? What network was it on?