Tragedy in the IC

This morning, at about 6:45, I heard lots of sirens. I didn't think much of it, since Iowa City has a high sirens-to-actual-emergencies ratio, but it turned out to be something bad. A guy who was recently indicted for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hills Bank to support his cocaine habit shot and killed his wife and four kids. He was then on the loose for a spell, giving the University of Iowa a chance to test out its HawkAlert system for something other than weather, before he rammed his minivan into a signpost on 80 and died in the flames.

Everyone at Core Fitness and the East Side Java House this morning was very upset - apparently, the wife was a regular at both spots.


Grendel said...

How horrible. This quote -- "Police haven't confirmed the cause of death, but did say that the incident was not a shooting" -- begs a big question. Any update?

HGF said...

Awaiting autopsies, to be performed today.

Trevor Jackson said...