Marilynne Robinson on Fresh Air

It's 11:51 am Central time.


Grendel said...

Well, shoot. I only caught the last ten minutes. Terry Gross was asking her about religion and politics -- MR didn't take the bait. TG then asked about what MR thinks of fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible. Again, MR nibbled, swam away, talking instead about how hard it is to translate. Said she didn't hear many of the "people who profess to be religious" talking about anything other than a few favorite passages from the Bible. "I don't hear much from them about the Sermon on the Mount, for example." Then it was over. It'll be on the NPR Web site in a few days. Anybody hear the whole thing?

TLB said...

I heard the first part. TG was commenting on the narrator's use of language, the type of language he would choose because of his educational background and the time in which the book was written, and all I could think was, Hmm, the narrator talks like Marilynne does. Coincidence?