Weekend updates

Word is, Jim Shepard's slated for tomorrow and Tuesday. I'll call Deb or Jan when the Dey House opens and find out when and where. Prolly late morning like the others.

SER's agent has another scoop re: workshop especial on BAF.

Was at the mall yesterday and swung by B&N looking for anything by Marcus, Shepard, and for Sam's novel. Only found Love and Hydrogen on the shelves. Info woman said they'd have to order Marcus and Chang. I just shook my head. That really is a shitty store. I'm sure Prairie Lights have them. Anyway, the first Shepard story ("The Gun Lobby") impressed me in a few ways, but maybe more about that later. What else. Randomly ran into Beth Wetmore and Jorge Sanchez and son Henry this weekend, and ended up intruding ourselves into Henry's baptism ceremony this morning, which included remarks by Marilynne R.

Goats Vampiro, chad, and Charlemagne were surprisingly in town as kind of surly bachelor desperadoes, and joined El Gordo, nate, Jorge, myself, Tracy, Nikki, and others poetical and IWPish in tossing back PBR pitchers at the Deadwood Friday night into wee hours. El Gordo kept screaming, "Jaeger's ON SALE!" and his advance man chad made sure many were swallowed. Comparing notes confirmed beyond all doubt that the blogs are way, way public; Pete's new site tracker on BAF confirms popularity in some surprising places (click on it to see). Goat tracker added this morning (scroll on down and click!).

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SER said...

I think Shepard is at 11am tomorrow. Grendel, if you go, could you save me a seat? I may be slipping in close to 11am due to work obligations. I think his craft discussion is Tues. at 11am.