Thoughts on Finishing My Novel, Part II

You cannot write a novel without the letter "s"....And this is exactly the key that will stop working on your laptop three weeks before deadline.


SER said...

Notes from your editor:


This latest rewrite is quite daring and interesting, and your avoidance of the present tense and intransitive verbs is admirable. One wonders, however, why nothing is ever pluralized or possessive - e.g., "He lifted an eye to make certain that the bridge remained intact, and then touched it with a hand."* Also, why did you start calling the character Sissy "Iy"?** I find it hard to pronounce, and Naomi Watts won't want to play her in the film.


* Please note that I, SER, don't think TLB would ever have such a bad sentence in her book, even if it used possessive pronouns and pluralized the appropriate words.

** Please also note that there is not a character named Sissy in the book, as far as I know.

Grendel said...

TLB, we have a laptop you can borrow if you like.

TLB said...


I will rename a character Sissy in your honor, though when you play her in the movie you may have to call her Iy, which may sound like "Aii." As long as you remember me in your awards speeches.


Thank you, but it's high time I learned to work at home, as painfully distracting as that is. I hope you're feeling better.


ian said...


I happened to look over while drinking my coffee this morning to see Franklin, our panther-sized cat, biting keys off Brooke's laptop. I rescued J. K is still at large. Which led to the following exchange:

Me: Really, who needs K anyway? I mean, unless you're writing about the KKK. Or Krispy Kreme.

Brooke: It's in my *name*.

Me: Oh.

TLB said...

Ian, I am afeared for where you might find K, but I hope you do so soon. I don't think it's coincidence at all, especially since you and I have the same agent. Nefarious psychic forces must be at work to keep us from work.