Soliciting questions for *exclusive* Bausch interview tomorrow

SER's briliant idea, after his workshop, was to interview him for Babies Are Fireproof and Earth Goat. We approached him. I mumbled something about workshop grad blogs and could he spare 5 minutes tomorrow after his talk. "Hell," he said, "let's do twenty."

So! Here's your chance. I suppose Baby questions will be asked by Sarah and Goat ones by me, though it's starting to feel like it's one big blog with two URLs. At any rate, what would you like to ask Richard Bausch? Interview is late tomorrow morning. FABULOUS idea, SER.


El Gordo de Amore said...
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dunkeys said...

This might be a tough one, but it might yield:

Does RB prefer working with writers/workshopping stories that are more or less "advanced"? And why, of course.

("Advanced" is open, of course. If he asks what you mean, let him decide to define it, maybe. The fall-back being proximity to publishability, or something silly like that.)

kclou said...

this is a cool idea. two (actually four) possible questions:

how important do you consider student-faculty interaction outside of the classroom? in what ways (the more specific, the better) would you make yourself available?

how involved would you be in the admission process? as director, would you want/need to read each manuscript under consideration? (i heard that frank does/did this, though i don't know.)

dunkeys said...

How do RB's personal aesthetics impact the way he workshops student stories with dissimilar or even similar aesthetics? Has the impact changed during the years he's been teaching, and if so, how and why?

El Gordo de Amore said...

Quienes mas macho -- El Macho Cabrio de Mundo, La Bebe en fuego