Attention local Goats, Babies, readers

We are thinking of having a party this Friday and getting a keg of Guinness, but it's spring break and it seems many folks may be busy at wet tee-shirt contests in Fort Lauderdale. Notably El Gordo will be out of town, and we'll need roughly three men to make up for his absence. If you're in the IC and would like to help kill a keg of God's Blood to some Irish music at Earth Goat Headquarters Friday March 18, please add a comment here to let us know. We'll add more details once we get a sense of who's thirsty and in town. Slainte!

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SER said...

Mr. and Mrs. SER will be spring-breakin' it in Milwaukee on Friday, aspiring to appear in "Pallid Married Couples Gone Wild." They regret that they will be unable to attend the convening of Goats and Babies and their hangers-on.

On an unrelated note, SER is reporting in from LaGuardia Airport, where she is able to observe that there is a massive surfeit of ringtones currently in existence.

SER also notes that she will be speaking of herself in the third person until further notice. After all, she hears that close third and first are exactly the same.