Earth Goaters Love Their Fathers Too

Fellow Goaters without father issues,

Following up the bestselling success of Big Russ & Me (which made an acceptable birthday present for my father-in-law last November, never an easy task) Tim Russert, of Meet the Press, is putting together a collection of inspiring stories and anecdotes and vignettes about Fathers for a new book. The book is scheduled to be released for Father's Day, 2006.

I've been put in touch with his ghost-writer, Bill Novak, who claims he's 'looking for a few good writers' Where else, naturally, should he turn but to Earth Goat?

Novak and Russert are currently accepting submissions for the book. It sounds like they can take just about any form, and simply have to be, in some way, a tribute to your father, or fathers in general. Up to seven pages, double-spaced, so a relatively short piece - the shorter the better, it sounds like.

Anyway, I've already submitted an embarrassing traumatic event ("he reached for his belt...") from my childhood, and I thought some of you might like to as well. There are no royalties or payments involved (any money earned from the book will go to charity), but I think it's a nice opportunity to get published and get your name out there in what will surely be a widely read book, if not another best-seller. And to make your Daddy proud.

Email me and I'll shoot you back the submission guidelines (I would have posted them here, but I'm not sure Russert would approve, and I wouldn't want to be called out on it one Sunday morning, down the road, under the glare of the television lights...)


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