Help! We're being attacked by the Culture of Life! Send zombies

I was going to write a searing piece of right-to-die satire, but Get Your War On beat me to it (and frankly did a much better job than I could have).

Yes, El Gordo, there are zombies mentioned.


Grendel said...

That is absolutely hilarious. It really does read like you wrote it, Brando. Why don't you just claim credit and be done with it?

Brando said...

Well, I caved and posted my latest Onion rip-off on Jane's Calamity. I would like to claim that I write Get Your War On. It's a funny strip, and it gave me one of my mantras in life: "If being an elitist means not being the dumbest motherfucker in the room, then yeah, I'm an elitist."