Gilead wins National Book Critics Circle prize

The Iowa City Press-Citizen has a kind of charming local take on this well-deserved honor for Marilynne Robinson, including some appropriate "gee whiz" comments from her son and a big picture observation or two from Jim McPherson. The paper also says it's in the running for the Pulitzer Prize. And, of course, it's up for the Pen/Faulkner award, which will be announced "in April."


SER said...

I had a dream about Marilynne last night, one in which she was letting me stay in her house while she was away. I have had several dreams of her in the past, which I think is for the same reason I dream about one particular ex-boyfriend of mine, years after the gnarly breakup - namely, because I feel wronged by her (in her case, for savaging a story of mine) but also still desperately want to impress her. I'm so textbook!

On an unrelated note, I also dreamed that I discovered that my cell phone, instead of being turned to its usual "Meeting" setting (i.e., a single, discreet beep instead of a ring), was in fact turned to the "Camping" setting, but I didn't ever discover what that entailed.

TLB said...

The kudos for Gilead are well-deserved, but they also give me hope because her beautiful, un-flashy writing is still considered worthwhile. Also that people are still willing to read her new book after twenty-some years. I won't be a bit surprised if that Pulitzer comes her way.

segall said...


Read 'em and reap.

With any luck one beneficiary of this windfall will be Otis the Dog, who looked like he he wanted a new sweater two years ago.

Grendel said...

Ah well. Congrats to Ha Jin!