Fall writerly stuff in Iowa City

Prairie Lights has its new list up, which runs through Halloween. Some highlights include Aimee Bender, Margot Livesay, Jane Smiley, Gregory Rabassa, Yiyun Li, Rick Moody, Philip Levine, Cole Swenson, Ted Kooser, and Joe Haldeman. Note that Prairie Lights readings have shifted up from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Add to those Baxter Black at the Englert Theater 29 September, C. D. Wright at Tippie Auditorium 27 September, sponsored by the Workshop alone, plus something called The New Yorker College Tour (any ideas what that is?) 17-19 October.

The fiction teaching lineup for the fall will be Ethan Canin, Margot Livesay, Kevin Brockmeier, and Chris Offutt. (Can someone confirm all those? Is Marilynne teaching this fall, too? Sam's coming in the spring.) Ms. Livesay, the Scottish novelist, will be teaching a seminar on The Investigation of the Long Story, and the class will be reading Chekhov, Gallant, Gass, Hempel, Randal Kenan, Alistair McLeod, Munro, Katherine Anne Porter, and Joan Silber.

Kevin Brockmeier will be teaching a Children's Fiction Workshop in which students will put up two pieces of fiction for children. They'll read Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater, The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsly, and the exhausting-sounding 24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley.

The tanned and rested Mr. Canin will be teaching his popular novella workshop. Chris Offutt will teach a seminar on event-driven and character-driven fiction, discussing the attributes and deficiencies of each. Readings will include short stories and short novels.

Any of us has-beens planning on taking a seminar?

Cole Swensen will be conducting a seminar on Serial and Long Poems, reading Pound, Spicer, Palmer, WC Williams, Karen Ah-hwei Lee, and Moxley. Mary Ruefle will be doing one on Idylls, Elegies, Odes, and Manifestos, with readings by Keats, Hopkins, and Stevens, plus the new anthology Poets on the Art of Poetry 1800-1950. James Galvin will teach a Form of Poetry seminar using ye olde Norton, newest edition.

And that's all I found in those wire boxes in the Dey House -- which still has a beige, trailer-shaped parasite fastened to its south side.


SER said...

I think Marilynne is off the whole year.

bR said...

Jen's actually involved in the New Yorker College Tour thing. I haven't seen a program yet, but the line-up for one earlier this year at UW-Madison is at http://www.newyorkercollegetour.com/uofw.cfm

TLB said...

I was thinking of sitting in on either Livesay's or Brockemeier's seminar, if Connie wouldn't mind too much and if I'm not taking a slot from a student. Want to come with, G?

Grendel said...

TLB -- perhaps. Livesay's is Mondays 2:30 - 4:20; Brockmeier's Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:20. I'd be more interested in Livesay's long story investigation. But I don't know yet. I may have a schedule conflict.

chad said...

I didn't see when Phil Levine was reading. Could someone find the date. I'd love to see him