I feel so used

In case you haven't seen this UI Foundation document about the Workshop, it's got some mouthwatering artists' conceptions of the Dey House renovation and the Glenn Shaeffer Library -- with some eye-popping dollar amounts (and fairly purple prose ... since when is the Iowa River "breathtaking"? When dead fish are rotting on its shores?). It also shows some pretty darned familiar faces in the "in-class" photos. I don't remember signing a release ... though I dimly recall a photographer setting up some stuff one day. (See the top of page 8 for a priceless shot of The Plunge stifling a yawn.)


Brando said...

Hey, at least they didn't use the nudes.

possum said...

Or any photos of poets. Not that we're bitter. And those hands --yowza.

That addition is quite angular. Angular as in pointy.

SER said...

Used? I don't feel used enough. Apparently, they didn't need my photo to raise the big bucks. Or maybe they needed it NOT to be in there in order to raise the big bucks.

bihari said...

I am so excited that I got a fuzzy background shot--overshadowed completely by Fid's hands, but thrilling nonetheless. This is probably as close as I'll ever come to a jacket photo.

I remember that photographer being in workshop first semester 2002. Once I was talking away earnestly and everyone started laughing, which was disconcerting, to say the least, and it turned out I was pontificating my little heart out with a camera lens six inches from my right cheek (that's cheek on my face, thanks) and hadn't even noticed. Obviously that was before I had offspring and lost every iota of concentration I ever had.

segall said...

Why they chose to include a picture of Kim teaching me to read is beyond me. They just lost our three bucks.

Jane said...

I love how it showcases the program's racial and ethnic diversity.

Actually, given how these things are usually put together, I'm surprised Sugi and Asali and Roderic didn't make the cover. With SER thrown in for good measure.

Sorry, for the cynicism -- I've worked too long in advertising, where we have to use the Variety-Pak (tm) photo on every brochure cover: one white, one black, one Asian, and one brownish person of nebulous ethnic origin.