Quills Voting

I just voted online in the Quills Awards. I did so because I would like them not to suck in this inaugural year, though because it's a popularity contest I have my doubts.

However, what struck me the most was how many categories there are. Like voting for judges at election time, I did as much research as I could stand, but then went with my gut anyway for most of them. I mean, what the hell do I know about self-help books or romance novels?

Interestingly, the Quills will be broadcast live on NBC in October. I'm not convinced America is ready for the dork-fest that is the writerly community, but I would love to see Marilynne on national TV, pulling her hair back from her face and delivering a short speech in that musical voice of hers. THAT would be worth tuning in for, if only for the incongruity of it all.


bihari said...

They're broadcasting writing awards live on NBC? My God, how French! Will there be a red carpet and Joan Rivers? Will there be couture gowns?

TLB said...

I think this is the idea--to make writing seem sexy, instead of a grueling slog that will leave you fetal on the floor every evening.

Brando said...

Will the event writing be better than that of shows like the Oscars? Will their be a story arc to the night?

I can also see the presenter pairings now:

"Here to present the award for best General Fiction, please welcome Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Winfrey."

The two walk awkwardly together to the podium.

FRANZEN (adjusting glasses to read teleprompter)
You know Oprah, as the author of The Corrections, I have a correction of my own. I should have joined your book club!

Well, I was surprised that, as a writer, you didn't understand what the Book Club symbolizes...

Yeah, it symbolizes that I would have been rich, girlfriend!