I'm blogging from the sanity/insanity capital of the world. We're here till Friday, then off to Ireland for two days, back to Iowa next Sunday.

All expectations for Amsterdam smashed. Had heard of crackdowns on coffeeshops, that you couldn't smoke weed in them anymore, that since the attack on Van Gogh's great-great-grandson, the whole nation is becoming less tolerant, etc. It's all a bunch of ballocks and rubbish. Everything is the same here and feels like it always will be and should be: Disneyland for Adults. The maturity of immaturity.

We heart the houseboat we're renting, just outside the red light district. Would post pictures but forgot digital camera. Kicking it old school with 35mm film. Today heading to Utrecht, our old stomping grounds. If anyone (bR!) sees Luka or the Real Grendel, tell them we miss them and drink to them several times a day. We hope the housesitter is doing a great job.

Getting rid of the Hurricane Housing link somehow took with it the Contributors list, will have to fix upon return to Evil Empire.

Quote of the day: "Oh, that's terrible." Irish fella on hearing our reply to his "Where you from?"


bR said...

Hello Mudda,
Hello Fadda,
Just had some kibble
and some wadda.
Played with Ooja
and with Luka.
Since you’re in Amsterdam,
please bring home a hooka.

Uncle bR says
I seem blue:
I didn’t jump on his pants
or muddy his shoes.
I just miss you.
Can’t wait till you’re home
But scratch the hooka;
I’d just like a bone.

The house is safe;
Jen is bitchin’.
She lets me drink from that big new bowl
next to the kitchen.
Time to go now,
take a nap
But first I’m gonna chase Luka
one more lap.

Sun is shinin’.
Leaves are fallin’.
Dogs are barkin’,
Spiders crawlin’.
Don’t know why you’d care
about the spiders.
I just needed a rhyme;
Christ, I’m not a writer.

[The real] Grendel

Brando said...

br, that was hilarious, especially the hooka rhyme.

Not Real Grendel, that comment from the Irish feller (I prefer the Iowa spelling) was also a great zinger. Freedom, stay the course, uh, coalition of the willing-to-look-the-other-way.

Don't forget to knock back a Royale with Cheese.

bR said...

Wednesday update: the kids are alright.

Grendel said...

Thanks for the poetic update, bR! You captured his voice perfectly.

Update here: Dollar=weak. Euro=strong.