Wear your love

Many of you might already know about this, but on the site for George Saunders' newest book - reignofphil.com - you can buy Reign of Phil t-shirts (you also get a handful of temporary tattoos with your purchase). T-shirts! I bought one of course, because I'm a GS dork, and I keep getting compliments when I wear it. It's so great to be able to say, oh, it's for a book. Bands have t-shirts, why shouldn't books? Check it out.


SER said...

Having read the book, I am definitely gung-ho about getting a t-shirt. I feel subversive!

SER said...

I just ordered one of the vintage options. The receipt PayPal emailed me had the following subject line: PAYMENT TO THE BRIEF AND FRIGHTENING.


El Gordo de Amore said...

I got the vintage blue one with the flag.