Rezoning Iowa City?

I know very little about this, but there will be a public meeting Wednesday at 7 at City Hall to discuss proposed changes to Iowa City's zoning ordinance. I know, I know, I hear the word "zoning," and it sounds like somebody snoring in a gently swaying hammock, and it makes me very... must keep eyes open... as does the very notion of sitting through a public meeting at City Hall.

However, the issue was presented to me by Todd at Artifacts as having the potential to reshape the face of the town. For example, he said that the block along Market Street, starting with Artifacts and including Motley Cow, the suspiciously cheap pizza place, and across the street to encompass -- GASP!!! -- George's... a moment of silence please... could all be affected. Some developer supposedly "is drooling over that huge parking lot" between George's and the paint store, and this rezoning effort is the stealth method of replacing this lovely, historic, useful part of town with soulless, hulking apartment complexes that have kegs flying from balconies. Or something. And that nobody but the developer has been talking to the city council about this. Now, maybe that is all rumor. Or maybe They want me to think it's all rumor.

Anyway, if you're curious what might be in the works, you might check out that meeting... I'd love to hear (or shout) things like, "Sit down, sir! Sit down!" or "No, you're out of order!" or "Has the culture of cronyism trickled down this far, ladies and gentlemen?"


SER said...

Ooooh! Perhaps the Babies and Goats should go and make a stink! I'll ask my urban-planner brother about this situation.

semanticist said...

Sure, Grendel. Maybe you've stopped tossing kegs from balconies (maybe), but suddenly it's bad for everyone? Where's your carefully cultivated sense of moral relativism?

El Gordo de Amore said...

As SER can attest, one's quality of life is all about the zoning.

What does it actually need to be rezoned to? There's apartments in the area already, as well as homes and bars and restaurants, and I always guessed it was a mixed-use residential/commercial area with planned unit developments of high density housing.

If it actually needs any type of variance or nonconforming use permit, it could be a pyramid or something.

Which I would then have to be in favor of.