Second me

After editing a book about it, I couldn't resist trying it out. Of course I, Xochi Weatherwax, chose the fox head.

That's me sitting among some ruins on a beautiful island.

Found a place to do some meditation.

And some hocus-pocus.

I decided to try being a zebra. That's some guardian robot checking me out, somewhere.

Here's what it looks like when I fly as a zebra.

Meeting traca for the first time in SL. Took her about half an hour to get set up.

It's free to join SL, but you are homeless. To have your own place costs a little bit. Haven't spent money yet, but I'm thinking of buying a little plot. Maybe an Earth Goat Island, with a virtual Fox Head, where we could hang out anytime, would always be a place to go? Would anyone else agree to try out this wacky thing if I did? It wouldn't cost you anything.


the plunge said...

Sure, I'd come. I haven't gone in there in a while--it kind of bored me since there's nothing all that specific to do. But to have a virtual beer at a virtual foxhead built by a virtual fox-headed man--for that, I could revive Apuckerlips Nowotny.

Brando said...

I have to be honest: SL scares the living fuck out of me. I can be a flying zebra? Why on earth would I then want to come back here and be a white-collar monkey?

Grendel said...

Yeah, but Plunge is right. There's nothing to do. It's fun to fly around and explore, but before long you realize... I'm just flying around, I'm just looking in windows or watching "people" "dancing."

I've decided SL is an operating system, not an application. The application is what you create, hanging out with people, chatting, shooting the shit while being a cartoon self. That's what intrigues me. But real estate is more than I thought. Might be able to buy a small plot and make a bar, but a 16-acre island like I imagined? $1250. That's US dollars, not Linden dollars.

But I'm working on it. I know a guy who might be able to help.

SER said...

I'm afraid to start going into SL, though it's good to know it's kinda boring. If you build a Virtual Foxhead, though, I might just have to join. I've been looking for a Foxhead that won't give me emphysema!

Antoine said...

Any Foxhead is a honeypot to this bear.

Pete said...

Like Warcraft without the fun? I think I'll stick with my dwarven hunter.

TLB said...

Count me in. A virtual Foxhead with virtually one martini glass and the best jukebox evah sounds all right from up here, where it fucking SNOWED last night. I need a virtual drink.

El Gordo de Amore said...

I'm in -- I look forward to many virtual bar fights.

And did you see the police blotter? I'm totally gunning to get on that thing.

gillymonster said...

Academic conferences, at least those I attend, are buzzing about the need to meet students "where they are" (i.e. Second Life). Since I work as an online educator, I find myself wondering if I should have a Second Life Writing Center. The ability to fly away from a student sounds appealing, but their ability to fly away from me would be a drawback. Already in face-to-face tutoring, students have been caught text-messaging on their cells while tutors are addressing revision needs. A tutor, whom you might know, with the initials CB, recently saw this happening, handed the student her paper immediately, and said, "It's great! Turn it in." Maybe students would be more attentive in SL, especially if my avatar is some sort of fish/lizard/human hybrid. Is this possible? Can I finally be accepted as my real self?

mungley said...

I was commanded to join and create a presence for my company yesterday at a motorcycle industry meeting.

Go figure.

Grendel said...

Mungley, let me know your name once you're in and we can hang out. (Mungley and I served in the WACs in the Phillipines.)

As for the virtual fox head that doesn't give you emphysema -- or virtual Dey House? -- still working on the idea ... it'll be a while.

Grendel said...

Isn't it funny that Facebook makes this whole conversation moot.