Does one yell out, "NaBloPoMo!" the same way one yells out, "Bingo!"?

We did it! Here we are at the glorious end of NaBloPoMo, and we can look back upon our blog postings with pride, by which I mean embarrassment. Okay, I speak only for myself.

For this post, I propose we make the following predictions:

- Republican winner of Iowa caucuses
- Democratic winner of Iowa caucuses
- Ultimate Republican nominee
- Ultimate Democratic nominee
- Bonus: predict vice-presidential candidates as well

I'll kick it off in the comments....


SER said...

My predictions:

Huckabee wins Iowa because Romney and Giuliani are just too creepy to look at/listen to.

Obama wins Iowa by a little bit.

Romney wins the GOP nomination because his sprawling rich family is photogenic, and snapshots of them are reminiscent of scenes from the JCrew catalog, if JCrew clothes were more expensive. Huckabee gets the VP nod so that he may utter charming aphorisms on the campaign trail while secretly plotting to do away with the homos and science.

Clinton wins the Democratic nomination because California goes heavily her way. The VP situation here is murky to me. Not Obama because he and his wife are both so much taller than Hillary is that it would be indecorous. Maybe Bill Richardson because, as his recent campaign materials in Iowa tell us, HE LOVES GUNS.

cj said...

Obama wins Iowa and New Hampshire, after which the nomination is a foregone conclusion. He picks Russ Feingold as his VP. Divided Republican convention devolves into chaos. Evangelicals stage a walk-out. Remaining delegates nominate Giuliani. Huckabee, McCain, and Romney decline VP offer, so Giuliani is stuck with Fred Thompson. Both Ron Paul and James Dobson launch independent candidacies. Final vote in November:

Obama: 60%
Giuliani: 27%
Paul: 10%
Dobson: 3%

Large Democratic House and Senate majorities are swept in on Obama's coattails.

Oh, wait -- you wanted *predictions.* Never mind.

Trevor said...

Congrats on the revivification of Earthgoat, SER. A good run.

You're probably right on the Iowa nods. Huck and Obama have the ground operations and the GOTV pushes. (Personally, I'm all the more torn between Edwards and Obama as the caucus date nears.)

Nationally, I think Huckabee may end up kneecapping Romney and clear a path for Giuliani, much as I fear him.

A Clinton-Giuliani race next year, while likely, is so depressing to me, I may just unplug from the whole conversation for good. Endless war and on to Tehran. No matter which of them wins.

cj said...

Non-sequitur post: Grendel, the quotes you run at the top of the page are awesome. Do you keep a file of the previous ones? There have been so many that I wanted to write down and save, but it seems they always slip away before I get around to it . . .

T-bone said...

First, Earthgoat has been very enjoyable this month! Thank you SER! I would have to say that McCain wins Iowa. Also, after reading that Obama voted for the 700 ft fence (please people! could this be true), I am once again looking at other candidates. I think in Iowa it will be Obama, Edwards, then Clinton. (By the way, I did score tickets (much to gillymonster's dismay) to see Oprah and Obama next weekend.)

Hopefully Ron Paul will be the Republican nominee, then the Democrats will be sure to win! But seriously, I would have to go for McCain and Huck, then Kucinich and Gravel--just kidding. Probably, it will be Edwards and Clinton...hmmm it is tough to say. I really hope not Clinton. The whole thing makes me nervous.

Brando said...

Congrats on keeping the fire burning for 30 days, SER. There should be some sort of religious holiday to commemorate this.

I think Clinton wins Iowa and takes the national nomination. She has the name recognition and the more efficient campaign. She manages to coax Edwards to be the VP candidate again.

Huckabee wins Iowa and causes a brief uproar, but Romney finishes a strong second and goes onto clean up, building enough momentum to hold off strong showings/9-11 humping from Guiliani in some of the bigger states. Romney grabs McCain as his VP, and McCain accepts because he realizes it's as close as he's going to get and the VP gets to nap frequently.

T-bone said...

Miles, miles. Of course I meant miles. Good thing I'm not running for office.

Grendel said...

Yes, many thanks to SER for breathing some life into this place. cj, alas, I haven't really kept a record of past quotes. I google "great quotes" or "writing quotes" and skip to the third or fourth page of results, so they're not even from the same quote sites very often. I do have a Word doc of the ones I found but wasn't ready to use yet, but it would be a partial list at best. If you want it, email earthgoat at gmail dot com and I'll send it to you.

Pete said...

I think it's Romney as the nominee. He's got the cash and with the GOP it's always the guy with the cash.

I think Huck is more likely as a VP, though it seems that whatever happens in Iowa, he'll show better than the Russerts and the Cokies are pretending to suspect, so there could be momentum there for him.

Huck is the new Thompson. Which is to say his recent surge is more about wishful and disappointed republicans (and commentators)than his actual chances. This guy is a total fruit loop, he doesn't have much money, and the recently applied sheen will wear off soon enough.

But really, who fucking knows. Both races seem highly unstable to me.