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I saw this article in today's Sunday Styles. While this guy is full of shit about a four-hour workweek, I was heartened to see (at last) someone point out a very obvious fact: IMing is productivity-destroying. Fine, it's fun, but it very rarely helps you get your work done faster or better, in my opinion. But then again, I'm 35, so maybe this is just one of those "In my day..." diatribes.

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Grendel said...

This guy is on the right track at least. I wish they had a "patch" for Internet addiction -- or at least some Weborette gum.

I am very excited at the impending arrival of not only traca de broon, but my new Internet-free writing machine (found by gwarbot --- thanks, brother). It should be here tomorrow. Now, I will not be able to check email, Skype, IMs, Second Life, this blog, your blog, Drudge, or anything else as I write. And it runs on batteries, so I can take it anywhere!