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How to Build Your OwnPersonal Programmable Sex Android or RobotWarning: Some sexual content. Not suitable for minors.

This android is controlled from your computer using USB connection (see USB Central for USB developer resources) or you can use the very simple (although nearly obsolete) parallel port interface. Motors and other parts can be purchased at specialty stores or over the Internet. For everything here (excluding the doll) should cost you under $100 (for the parallel port model).

Vibrating motors are used to provide stimulation since this simplifies things a lot. Vibrators are small to fit easily inside your doll and just need a pair of wires for control. Vibration is a reasonable substitute to mimic the pressure created by the muscles and by the pressure of vasocongestion. At high frequencies vibration is felt as a continuous pressure. See Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy of Human Female Genitalia and Contemporary views on female pelvic anatomy for more info about the muscles of the female genital tract and how they work. This particular android does not move, movement requires much more in terms of power output (bigger motors), gears and other mechanics. If you would like movement, build this first, then experiment with movement after you get used to working with the electronics and the programming.

For help in soldering your circuit see the ApogeeKits FREE Illustrated Guide to Electronics Soldering. Well written guide to electronics soldering. Lubricating fluid is pumped into the cervix of the doll with a micro fluid pump (the one illustrated at this link is being developed to cool computer chips). To control the amount of fluid delivered use a return line to the lubricating fluid storage tank and a valve on the line going to the doll. This prevents your pump from flooding the doll or from the motor squealing if you obstruct its flow. Lubricating fluid is a 0.9% saline solution with glycerine added (900mg of sodium chloride per 90ml of distilled water and 10ml of glycerine). Warm to body heat; use an insulated container to retain the heat. See the photos of the parts to understand how everything works. You'll need four 12 volt controllers with opto-isolators. The tiny pager vibrator motors are rated at 3.0 volts and around 100mA current draw so you can operate two of them in series (to drop the voltage to each down to around 2.5 volts) from one output of the ULN2803. When operating motors from the 5 volt supply of the interface connect the ULN2803 Pin 10 to the +5 volt power supply to connect the internal clamping diodes of the ULN2803. Pager motors generally sell for $2.00 each as do the 5 volt mini-fan and the medium power 12 volt motors. The pump was $10.00 (a windshield washer pump from a Japanese car). To find out more about pager vibrators go here. Place a 100pF ceramic capacitor across the terminals of each motor to help cut down on the noise generated by the motor brushes. The 8 outputs control the following:

3 volt vibrator motor (2) right and left labia majora mimic labial vasocongestion/erection (Note: these low voltage motors are wired in series and can be operated directly from the ULN2803 output)
3 volt vibrator motor (2) mimic vaginal plexus vasocongestion (as for vibrator motors above)
3 volt vibrator motor (2) mimic superficial muscles encicling the vaginal opening (as for vibrator motors above)
5 volt mini-fan, scent (mimic perfume vapour from warm skin) (run directly from ULN2803 output)
12 volt motor mimic levator ani/pubococcygeus muscles (requires opto-isolator/power transistor)
12 volt pump, vaginal lubrication (requires opto-isolator/power transistor)
12 volt motor mimic anal sphincter muscle (requires opto-isolator/power transistor)
12 volt motor mimic rectal musculature (requires opto-isolator/power transistor)

Each of these locations will be determined by the size and build of your doll. The descriptions above refer to anatomical locations; see the "Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy of Human Female Genitalia" (see link for this free publication above) for where these locations are.
Each input is a microswitch usually using a piece of flexible plastic tubing. When triggered, it connects the normally open (NO) lead to ground or common (COM) lead of the switch(see the interface booklet for more information). The microswitches are located at:

mons veneris
labia majora (2 switches, one for each lip, wired in parallel)
vaginal entrance
2cm inside vagina
deep vagina

As you can see the doll can sense what is going on. These switches cost between $0.75 and $1.00 each so the entire nervous system will be under $10. Place a 100pF ceramic capacitor across each switch's contacts to help cut down on any high-frequency noise generated by the switch or picked up by the wires running back to the interface.

All in all, about $30 for the motors, $20 for the motor controllers, $10 for the micro-switches, $20 for the parallel port interface (more for the USB interface) and $15 for a 12 volt power supply or about $95 in total. I haven't included the cost of the doll or any stuff you'll need to attach the motors etc. since this will vary by the motor type, the doll and your own skill level. In most cases the small vibrator motors can be placed in aluminum tubes, secured with epoxy cement and the ends of the tube sealed with small plastic caps or tape. Dip these in latex or liquid PVC and attach where needed. Suspend internally with springs to provide a resting tension). For the fan motor, mount it over a hole in a small project box. Inside the box, a small piece of sponge with some perfume on it supplies the scent. Make one-way valves from thin pieces of acetate plastic (used for page protectors) so when the fan is not running the openings in the box are closed. When the fan is turned on, it sucks air through the holes, over the sponge and distributes the scent.

Programming. Use any language you're comfortable with, see the examples in the parallel port booklet for how to address each input/output. You can address the parallel port using the Java language Java Communications API. For more info see http://java.sun.com/ Free programming tools for sex androids and robots are available at the Maria Script website. The Maria Scripting Language is a language specifically designed for describing sexual behaviors.

The basic controllers are shown above. Starting at the bottom and moving counter clockwise are the parallel port board which has its own 5 volt power supply built in and a ULN2803 transistor array. The ULN2803 can handle power up to 500mA per output. At the top of the photo is an AC (alternating current) controller for 117 volt AC. It uses an optical isolator to isolate the high voltage from the interface and a triac with a heat sink to control the power. It is controlled from the ULN2803 on the parallel port board. At the right side of the photo is a dual 12 volt controller with its own regulated power supply and two power transistors. Schematics for the opto-isolator circuits are here on the parallel port page and should be fairly straightforward. I've used a 4N38A opto-isolator with 2N6044 power transistors for the DC controller and an MOC3011 opto-isolator with a a BT137 triac for the AC controller. You can use other opto-isolator combinations depending upon what your suppliers have available (the control signal comes from the ULN2803 on the parallel port board). As you can see, all the boards are simple to build. To control a beefy 12 volt motor should cost you $5.00 or LESS in parts (resistor, opto-isolator, power transistor, diode)

Above is a schematic for a simple 12 volt positive regulator which takes DC or AC input from 15 to 24 volts and outputs 12 volts DC. Heat sink the 7812 regulator for maximum output. Depending upon the size of the motors you may want to construct a separate regulator for each motor and run all regulators from a common unregulated supply. You can also use the same schematic with a 5 volt regulator (LM7805)

The photo above shows the three types of motors used. On the upper left side, the large black motor is actually a 12 volt pump from the windshield washer of a car. Used for lubrication. At the bottom is a 6 to 12 volt motor outfitted with a weight made from a brass bushing. This motor is used to replicate the actions of large muscles (levator ani/pubococcygeus and the anal sphincter and rectum). The tiny motor to the left of the last motor is a pager vibrator. This motor is shown in more detail in the next photo.

The pager vibrator motor (used to mimic vasocongestion and the muscular lining of the vaginal walls) and the microswitch (used for the android's "nerves) are shown in the photo above next to an ordinary pencil for scale. The vibrator motor comes with the weight attached. The microswitch has normally open and closed contacts; the red button is the actual switch part. It doesn't take much pressure to trip this switch.

Shown above is a tiny 5 volt fan that can be used to waft perfumes or other scents into the air.

Available at some computer parts stores


the plunge said...

Goddammit! I followed the instructions and nothing's happening!

Grendel said...

Your problem may be with the following:

"You'll need four 12 volt controllers with opto-isolators. The tiny pager vibrator motors are rated at 3.0 volts and around 100mA current draw so you can operate two of them in series (to drop the voltage to each down to around 2.5 volts) from one output of the ULN2803."

You may have done what I did at first, that is, misread it and hooked up 12 4-volt controllers instead. This overloads the opto-isolators and instantly burns the pager vibrators. I had to start over with new parts.

gillymonster said...

If you haven't seen the "real dolls" documentary yet, you must:
http://www.plime.com/weird/l/26680/1/ .

gillymonster said...

Let me reiterate. "Real Dolls and the Men Who Love Them": 46-minute documentary exploring the lives of 4 men and their RealDoll partners.

http://www.plime.com/weird/l/26680/1/ .

Grendel said...

Thanks, Gilly. Should be some good pointers in there. And don't neglect the Real Doll Web site too.

gillymonster said...

Should probably offer a disclaimer here: Both the documentary and the Real Dolls website are probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

gillymonster said...
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gillymonster said...

I mentioned our discussion to a colleague, whom many of you might know, and who first turned me on to the real dolls vid, and she introduced me to a fascinating term: teledildonics.