Holiday Gift List

What books are y'all ordering for your loved ones this holiday season? In addition to those mentioned in this post, I will be buying Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, which I thought was quite well done. Anyone who worked in an office during the dot-com era will be particularly impressed, in my opinion. (Side note: wow, they're really pushing Kindle on the Amazon homepage, eh?)


Pete said...

I just finished "Then We Came to the End" and quite liked it. It seemed gimmicky at first; like its savviness and readability were the point. You guys know that feeling? Anyway, it didn't last, because somewhere around the middle-- when the novelty was wearing off-- it turns into a genuinely good book.

Best book I read all year- "Cold Skin" Amazing, amazing stuff. Alfred Sanchez Pinol, I think his name is.

I really liked "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao," though I have to say there were moments when I resented Diaz's decision to not structure the book at all. Seven years for a shuffled deck of a structure? Come on, dude. I missed Oscar in the sections in which he wasn't central. But all said, very very good.

Pete said...

ALBERT Sanchez Pinol. Not Alfred.

Grendel said...

Only Against the Day and Tree of Smoke. Books are expensive to mail.