Season's Greetings 2007

Well, they nearly didn't make it, but The Mad Little Elves have finally released their 2007 single, coming in just under the wire on Christmas Eve Eve. Without further ado, their latest hit:

White Christmas

Relive last year, when they danced with the Sugar Plum Fairy. And Santa Baby, perhaps the essential track from 2005's album, featuring Traca de Broon on kazoo.

Happy Holidays from G & TdB!


Trevor Jackson said...

Better than Bing. But I do miss the kazoo.

Grendel said...

Thanks, Trevor -- but don't say that too loud. The Mad Little Elves went to kazoo rehab in early 2006 and began acquiring instruments they can still barely play. However, they could very well pull a Winehouse at any time.