We can dream, can't we?

Today, NPR and Iowa Public Radio are co-hosting a debate in Des Moines among the Democratic candidates (2-4pm EST today!). T-bone was wondering why Ben Kieffer doesn't get to ask any questions, which then led her to wonder why J. Englander doesn't get to ask any questions.

How amazing would that be? I think we'd really get to see what the candidates were made of if they were forced to answer Englander-esque questions:

- You talked about corruption as an issue, was that autobiographical, so?
- You often mention the war on the campaign trail, was your father in the war, did you kill anyone, you must have killed someone, so?
- Healthcare factors into the economy and consumer confidence and healthiness, do you want to address that?

Add your own!


T-bone said...

They're really going at each other!

Brando said...

She would have been the perfect moderator for the YouTube debate.