I love a good management-consulting joke

As you are probably aware, Mike Huckabee is in a statistical dead heat with Mitt Romney in Iowa. Romney had long been pumping money into Iowa and NH to ensure decisive victories that would, in turn, presumably create momentum to win the GOP nomination. And for a long time, Romney had a huge lead in Iowa, but that has recently been erased because of the sudden rise of Huckabee.

So, anyway, that's the background that makes the following pretty awesome. From the NYTimes's political blog:

A reporter asked Mr. Romney a pointed question about what he would say
as a management consultant if one enterprise “spent about $7 million and one
spent about $300,000 and they got the exact same results in market share.”
He was alluding to the approximate amounts Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee
have spent respectively in the state so far.

Mr. Romney bristled and said: “Sorry, I don’t have a particular comment on that.”

(Edited to add: I don't know why that block quote is showing up with such weird line breaks - it doesn't look that way on the preview. Blogger! Fist in the air!)

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Brando said...

If he wants to be president, he better get used to answering questions like that.