Press-Citizen endorses Obama and Huckabee

The Iowa City paper's editorial board thinks Obama and Huckabee are the two best candidates -- Huckabee seemingly because he was one of only two Repubs to visit the paper's offices. Given that Iowa City is overwhelmingly Democratic, and that Huckabee is, though affable, manifestly a soft-headed boob who is unqualified to lead the free world, you have to wonder if the Huckabee endorsement is meant to encourage the best possible outcome for the primaries.

In any case, this would be like backing both _________ and _________ for a writing prize. (Fill in the blanks.)


Grendel said...

Lorrie Moore and Danielle Steel... uh, ... Langston Hughes and Rod McKuen... um,

Erik said...

Benjamin Spock and Lynne Spears.

SER said...

David Mitchell and Tim LaHaye.

Pete said...

In honor of Huck, I ask: why are we blaspheming? Jesus the christ gets all the writing prizes.

I want to predict with wild abandon:

I'd still put money on Romney. (Seriously. I'll put money on Romney.)

The real dark horse? The candidate most likely to beat out Romney?

McCain. Old branding dies hard. Old branding that is convenient to a party in need resurrects easy. I imagine he'd be a popular second choice, whatever his declining fortunes appear to be in the press (they would LOVE to redeem this particular asshole, so I imagine an early win would net him some serious rebranding). And- he has the most chance to govern as Bush but persuade people as someone who won't. There's a powerful bloc looking for precisely that. I could see him stealing the nom.

I still find the dems too close to call. I'm also closer to that one. Obama makes sense in IC. Have you guys noticed any of this supposed enthusiasm among out-of-staters to drive back for the caucuses?

God, I just hope it isn't Edwards. For the money and the money only. But even beyond that, his "fuck the man" rhetoric is great and all, but some have been making the point recently that it isn't really clear what actions that rhetoric translates into. I can't figure it out either.

Anyway. I love this Huck guy. He's a perfect avatar for that wing of the party. Somehow, their Voltron-like alliance made them scary. But they are, at heart, fucking silly.

Grendel said...

Spot on, SER

Grendel said...

I have decided I'd vote McCain were I caucusing for real for the GOP. If I were trying to sabotage, I'd be a Happy Huckleberry Hound Dog.

Trevor Jackson said...

Pete, this video might answer your question about Edwards' potential methods for pushing universal health care in Congress. Basically, use of the bully pulpit and public shaming of the stubborn. He knows how to appeal to a jury and he'll be able to appeal to the public in the same way.

I think the money issue won't be an issue if Edwards does get the nomination. I've said it before but the DNC and 527's will be able to respond to attacks between the clinching of the nomination and the actual convention. Edwards will also be able to respond in the press.

I think the importance of winning on public financing can't be underplayed either. Obama has promised to reform campaign financing once elected, but how much easier would it be to do if a candidate can prove that it's possible to run on it and win, even in the face of buckets of corporate dough?

And to answer the post's question:
Curtis Sittenfeld and Nicole Richie

Grendel said...

Trevor, did you see this article on how Edwards could sweep the smaller counties and walk away with it by the end of the night?

Trevor Jackson said...

I didn't. Just skimmed it. That's a good and pretty fair piece.

I'm sure Edwards will take Iowa with Obama close behind. Whether he can hang on through NH and Super Tuesday is the real question.

Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards '08? I think we can all get behind either of those two tickets.

Trevor Jackson said...

I also love watching the Tax-Cut Republicans freaking out over the Rt Reverend Cooter Huckabee's gains in Iowa.

As Pastor Huckabee might say to those who pandered to the Religious Right for all these years, You reap what you sow.

The fracture in the Republican party just may be about the best thing to watch since The Amazing Race Season 11.

Trevor Jackson said...

Sorry so many comments.

Now I'm regretting some of my snark over Cornbread Huckabee. The P-C's endorsement of him is a pretty good case, but I think they downplay the nastier elements of Huck's social conservatism.

I agree with Pete's wild prediction. Huck will knock out Giuliani (if he hasn't already) and the Republicans will get Romney. And Protestant evangelicals will stay home in November 2008 because they're afraid of Mormons.

I really should get my own blog.

SER said...

My GOP prognostications: Huckabee takes Iowa; McCain takes NH. Giuliani is effectively dead after that. Huckabee takes SC, and it becomes a three-way race between Huckabee, McCain, and Romney, who continues his recent approach of focusing on his business experience instead of his godliness. GOP voters don't know what to do: they like Huckabee but realize he's got some nutty ideas; they don't like Romney but admire his wealth and anchorman hair. McCain becomes the most palatable option and wins the nomination by a hair at the convention. The ticket is McCain/Romney.

As for the Democrats, I acknowledge that Edwards has strong support in Iowa and may well pull it out here, though I have a hard time seeing him winning anywhere else. I went to an event of his the other day, and it was standing-room-only. I just didn't buy him, however. I'm seeing Obama tomorrow, so stay tuned as to whether I buy him. After all, they're all politicians. I've developed a fondness for Joe Biden lately.

Grendel said...

T, this is a man who believes every word in the Bible is true, doesn't believe in the foundational tenets of biology, and believes creationism should be taught in schools. He has called liberals a "cancer." He is a big fan of the Left Behind series. He has said he wants to "take this nation back for Christ." He wanted to quarantine AIDS victims well after it was known that it doesn't spread by casual contact. He has said "homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle." He is an ignorant, fundamentalist buffoon. If elected, he would make Bush look like JFK. And I really, really, really, really hope they nominate him.

Grendel said...

I remember seeing him on The Daily Show a long time ago and thinking, "This guy's great! He's funny, warm, genuine."

But then you would appear to be that way, wouldn't you ... if you were the DEVIL.

Trevor Jackson said...

Grendel, thanks for spelling out what I meant by "the nastier elements of Huck's social conservatism." I didn't know his liberals = cancer line. Did you know that we're also fascists? Jonah Goldberg told me so.