The biggest problems facing America today

From watching the Republican convention and listening to John McCain and Sarah Palin since then, I've gathered together a list of the top problems that the Republicans believe are facing America:

1. Damned earmarks!   They're .6% of our annual budget!
2. Liberal Washington and the Eastern elites who have governed the past eight years!
3. Sexist Democrats!

Anything else you'd like to add to the list?


Trevor Jackson said...

this may fall under no. 2, but you forgot the importance of drill(ing), baby, drill(ing)

Grendel said...

Intolerance about out-of-wedlock births, which are actually blessings. And uppity community organizers. And silly arguments about "experience," which are usually sexist arguments.

Grendel said...

Sorry, forgot one: the infuriating insistence by the media that they have the right to "question" a vice presidential nominee.

Trevor Jackson said...

This guy thinks there are only two Republican concerns.

Pete said...

the liberal bloggers Obama secretly works for.