Disregard today's Palin quote

If you saw a Sarah Palin quote at the top of this blog today, don't believe it. An alert reader points out that the quote about dinosaurs is likely a hoax. Sorry and shamed. For about an hour, I was no better than people who forward false email smears about Obama. I was ... hideous.

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Pete said...

Your instincts for self-reflection are noble, G, but I'm not sure it's a one-to-one thing. "Look at this thing I found on the interpoo that is 1) sort of consistent with what we know about candidate X and 2) very possibly unreported elsewhere because she hasn't been vetted" is qualitatively different from "Look at this thing I found on the internet that is not only inconsistent with what we know about candidate Y but thereby proves that everything we know about him is false." One is investigative in its impulse--looking to establish facts. The other is conspiratorial--looking to defy them.

Nevermind the further distinction found in your decision to take it down.