Obama/McCain primer

You may have already seen this, but this diary (updated regularly) at DailyKos gives you the information and ammunition you need to win arguments with Republicans and undecideds:


Jane said...

This is a great reference, and would be incredibly useful to have for arguments/discussions with a certain segment of the population.

Unfortunately, it's a different segment of the population that's going to vote McCain into office: a population that could care less about rational, logical, intelligent arguments and those pesky little things we elites call "facts."

Someone should come up with a list of ways to frame Obama's position in emotional and moral terms that the majority of people want to hear, e.g.:

America is the best country in the world, and Obama believes that the best way to keep America on top and defeat the psychotic terrorists who hate our freedom is not to continue the endless war in Iraq that's killing our sons and daughters, but to fight terrorism around the globe with targeted military maneuvers and to work with our allies to figure out the best way to rid the earth of evil-doers and preserve the freedom we've fought so hard for. America must win! Obama will make America win! USA! USA! USA!

Of course, Democrats don't talk like that. But if we did, we might win. I think I'm going to give it a try when I go up to NH to canvass...

SER said...

Jane, it's funny you bring that up -- I was just ruminating upon how the idea of American exceptionalism (shared but interpreted very differently by the two parties) and its imminent disappearance under a McPalin administration might be the best way to appeal emotionally to the types who like to vote as if they're watching American Idol.

Let us know how it goes!

kclou said...

Sadly, it probably doesn't matter: