Election renders Morissey song outdated

His song "America Is Not the World" from the surprisingly good You Are the Quarry album contains these lines:
In America, the land of the free, they said,
And of opportunity, in a just and a truthful way.
But where the president is never black, female or gay,
and until that day,
you've got nothing to say to me, to help me believe.
Also these:
Steely blue eyes with no love in them, scan the world,
And a humourless smile, with no warmth within, greets the world.
And I, I have got nothing, to offer you
No-no-no-no-no, just this heart deep and true, which you say you don't need.
My favorite lines:
... America, it brought you the hamburger.
Well, America, you know where you can shove your hamburger.
To be fair, it ends like this:
And I love you,
I love you,
I love you.
And I love you,
I love you,
I love you.

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Pete said...

Don't forget Tupac's "Changes":

"Though it might seem heaven-sent/we'll never see a black president"