Over your shoulder

That Studs Terkel thing I found got me thinking: who will be over my shoulder when I'm in the booth voting in this historic election? It's a personal question, I think, and it would probably be cheapened were I to answer it out loud, or at least cheapened by my self-consciousness at answering it out loud. But wondering out loud-- that's another thing altogether.

The truth is there are a lot of people. Family; historic figures; and yes, fictional characters. Maybe it's silly, but I'm making a list and I will be reciting it to myself in the booth before I cast my vote.

Who will be over your shoulder? You can answer if you're inclined to. Or maybe just think about it.


Grendel said...

I like to think Thomas Jefferson was over mine, he who knew even as the country was born that it had a birth defect. Even though he was pessimistic and skeptical about healing it, among the things he said about it was this:

"Where the disease is most deeply seated, there it will be slowest in eradication. In the Northern States it was merely superficial and easily corrected. In the Southern, it is incorporated with the whole system and requires time, patience, and perseverance in the curative process. That it may finally be effected and its progress hastened, will be [my] last and fondest prayer."

And he was talking about slavery -- not racism. He would be shocked into bliss by this election, I think.

Trevor Jackson said...


I Didn't Vote for Barack Obama

God, this day is going to kill me. So emotional.