A surprisingly moving thing about this...

...was spending part of the morning scrolling through the international front pages at the Newseum. I find it strange but mostly wonderful that as these catastrophic last eight years come to an end, the rest of the planet - which in that time we've systematically beshitted, scorned, and generally treated like uninvited guests who are taking too long to leave - would be so moved and hopeful about what happened yesterday. (Amsterdammers, I don't know which way Het Parool leans most of the time, but its cover this morning was particularly lovely.) People still care about this place - or better yet, we're still capable of doing things worth praising:

They did it. They really did it. So often crudely caricatured by others, the American people yesterday stood in the eye of history and made an emphatic choice for change for themselves and the world.


Grendel said...

Yes we fucking, fucking can!

Ian said...

On Sunday morning, this guy shows up at the front door of the campaign office to volunteer. British guy, mid 30s.

Three days earlier, he'd been at home watching coverage of the election and found himself screaming at the TV in rage at Sarah Palin.

He did his research, picked Missouri as a battleground state and St. Louis as a place where GOTV was the most beneficial and bought a plane ticket FROM LONDON TO ST LOUIS that day.

We might have lost Missouri by a whisker, but fuck did we win so much more than just an election.

Still delirious. Possibly still drunk. Swigging champagne from a bottle is so fucking sweet.