What if They Tie?

From Fivethirtyeight.com:

Using the Daily Kos estimate that 52.5% of recounted ballots will go to Franken (after dropping votes for third parties), we estimate a net gain of 206 votes for him, which is almost exactly the margin by which he presently trails Norm Coleman. (The margin is in fact exactly 206 votes as of this writing).

Possible tiebreakers: guessing the total points scored in the next Monday Night Football game, paper-rock-scissors (two out of three), cage match, runoff.

It's scary and fun when every vote matters.


cj said...

Well, after all, the Constitution says that the Senate itself is the final judge of who won. Let's let them vote on it!

kclou said...

Meanwhile, a series of tubes was losing by THREE votes in Alaska when I retired last night. The margin is larger now, but wow.