Anagram Maker



Lax Elk Rules.


HGF said...

Oh, it's more than an anagram maker:

webuser: What does the future hold?
sternest: Woeful, hot-headed truths.

Grendel said...

webuser: what is sternest meanings?

sternest: Warm tightest insaneness.

traca de broon said...

webuser: Where will I be in a year?
sternest: Haywire, reliable wine.

That is so right on.

SER said...

webuser: will mccain or obama win?
sternest: I am low, cannibalic worm.

Trevor Jackson said...

webuser: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything in it?

sternest: Hot win fainthearted wealthiness. Shy, intuitive revenger.

Also, from the "funniest" tab, maybe not so funny as eerie:

webuser: russian federation
sternest: NATO is a sure friend!

El Gordo de Amore said...

webuser: the iowa writers workshop

sternest: Oh Wow! Porkiest, swarthier

Too true.

Grendel said...

webuser: Republican Party
sternest: Capably prurient.

Trevor Jackson said...

Too rich, all of these.

webuser: democratic party
sternest: A mad, erotic crypt.

webuser: the united states of america
sternest: Ethnics? A fearsome attitude!

webuser: barack obama
sternest: Aback a rambo.

webuser: hillary rodham clinton
sternest: Lynch harlot in mid-oral.