Open Letter

Hi Guys,

I hope those of you in Super Tuesday states will join me today in voting for Barack Obama. We are at a crossroads in this country, and whatever respect I have for Hillary Clinton, I don't think she can bring the transformative change that our nation needs. I'm sick to death of being cynical and depressed about my government. I think of the people I love, and I know that there are ways in which government can simplify or complicate their lives or even, in light of the worst failures of the last seven years, keep them safe or fail to do even that. I think of the children that A and I hope to have someday soon (but not too soon) and I know that we want to bring them into the world that a President Obama would symbolize.

You guys know what a political junkie I am. My intense attention for these things is almost always rewarded with feelings of powerlessness, outrage, and sadness. I'm not inclined to optimism and yet somehow this guy has me teary-eyed with it. I think that's a testament, in and of itself, of the promise Obama brings. Optimism and rhetoric are powerful things in the right moment, and this is the right moment, I think. For me, these qualities don't overshadow the substance of Obama's platform-- which is rich and exciting in its own right-- but I also know that we mustn't underestimate their importance.

I hope you'll join me and A today in casting a vote for Obama. I believe this vote today to be the most important and hopeful vote I've ever had the privilege of casting. I feel tremendously blessed that I can vote for a candidate I find so inspiring, and I wanted to share that feeling with you guys.

Full of good feelings and love,



kclou said...

here's to hoping it will still be a relevant contest, so i can vote for obama next tues in va.

Grendel said...

Thanks, Pete. I'm heading out the door to do exactly that, and for the same reasons.

Grendel said...

Sick with a cold, through the wind and rain I biked to the station and caught a train to Amsterdam. Then a tram to the Global Primary. My camera lied -- said it had 3/4 battery, but no. Too bad, because th event was held in a cool cafe. Beer drinking and smoking in the polling station! God help us. Call mama, I voted for you know who. Then came back to Haarlem, straight to the Irish pub, too antsy to just sit at home twiddling (T is in SF on biz).

"I just voted!" I announced.

"Oh yeah? Who for?" Paul, a British pilot.

"President Obama."

"Oh yeah? Obama, yeah..." Then I remembered he's somewhat conservative, somewhere between a McCain and a Clinton man.

I peed.

When I came back it was all American politics talk. Everyone here is keenly interested. The most usual question: so do you want the woman or the black guy?

And my point here is how lucky we are. Either one of those scamps would be so so so much better, even conservatives know that. We are lucky because we are all proud and excited about the possibilities in each of our candidates. The Republicans hate both of theirs. Our turnout has been nearly twice theirs. All this points to a crucial turn in the American direction, whether mild or more aggressive.

I feel good about my country tonight.