Democracy as product

I think the obvious flaw in Dickerson's reasoning is that Obama isn't an iPod.

But isn't there a natural limit to our enthusiasm for to this kind of sweeping phenomenon? Isn't the generation that Obama has so successfully courted usually the first to toss overhyped products, even the overhyped products with which they were at first so enthralled?

Of course, backlash happens in politics and it could happen to Obama. But I think journos looking for an angle come deadline are more likely to start the pile-on than fickle youngsters are.

I don't really know why I read Slate. I hate it.

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Grendel said...

You know what I hate, of the supposed left? Saturday Night Live. No, I'm not talking about last week's, I'm talking about a show that was cool for a long time that got bad and boring. For years! I don't know how it is now. I don't have it.