Super Tuesday

Anyone care to make any guesses as to what'll happen today and beyond? Will a Democrat lock it up today, or will the superdelegates have the final word at the convention? Will Romney miraculously regain his Mittmentum, or will his malleable self be crushed (or, more accurately, squished) by McCain?

Are you voting today? If so, for whom? And what was your experience at the polling place? I suppose you could also tell us about your experience with absentee ballots, but it may lack dramatic tension.

On another topic, any hot gossip from AWP?

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cj said...

This is too hard, SER! But I hate to see "0 Comments," so here goes:

Obama will win in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, as well as in American Samoa and among Democrats Abroad.

Clinton will win in Arkansas, New York, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

I'm struggling with California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey -- three biggies. I guess I'll concede New Jersey to Clinton, but wager on an upset for Obama in Massachusetts. I'd call California for Obama, but all those early voters worry me. Aw, what the heck: California for Obama.

These predictions are plainly infected with a ridiculous pro-Obama optimism. So sue me.

Now I'm too tired to make delegate predictions, or guesses about the Republicans, or where things will go from here. Of course I should be consulting my daughter about all of this, but, although she's a good predictor, I'm not sure she has the attention span for Super Tuesday predictions. (By the way, Grendel, she's working on that next top-of-the-page quote. I'm afraid that Lincoln quote was the only quote she knew.)