Candidate metaphors

You may have seen this elsewhere on the Web (created by some brilliant commmenter named Kdoug:

I started dicking around with Photoshop and came up with this:

I'm going to be doing more of these as the election approaches... I expect them to get weirder. Give me ideas in the comments!


Jane said...


Barack = Prius
Joe = Sensible mid-size sedan (?)
John = Model T
Sarah = Monster Truck


Barack = Seared Tuna
Joe = Roast Chicken
John = Grilled Steak
Sarah = TV Dinner?

Trevor Jackson said...

Obama = MacBook Pro
Biden = Tricked-out Dell desktop
McCain = abacus
Palin = Speak 'n Spell

Koos said...

How about:

Barack = Champagne
Joe = Malt Whiskey
John = Budweiser
Sarah = (Chinese) Babymilk