Coolly named French fellow snags Nobel lit prize

I have to admit, I had never even heard of Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio until he won the coveted honor today. And I'm sure that says a hell of a lot more about me than it does him.

It seems he really likes deserts (he lives near your neck of the sands, dunkeys -- go interview him for Earth Goat).

Europeans, who account for 11% of the world's population, have grabbed 12 of the last 14 Nobel literature prizes (that's 85%). As Wikipedia notes, "The absolute majority of the laureates have been European, with Sweden itself receiving more prizes than all of Asia."

Maybe they should give out one per continent every year. Then all I'd have to do is move to Antarctica. And, you know, finish my novel. And publish it.


SER said...

There is a piece by Chris Merrill on NPR's "The World" site:


dunkeys said...
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dunkeys said...

He's probably really bored, waiting on my call. I'll get on it. It's close, 754 mi, or the same distance as Amsterdam to friggin Krakow.

A desert is a desert is a desert
is a desert!

I do love his books, though.

Grendel said...

Yeah, but those miles are in Celsius.

Has anyone ever seen a book by this guy? Maybe this is what that judge was telegraphing last week -- twisting the knife on the translation issue.